About Us

    Don Kerns Wrecker Service just recently celebrated their 50th year anniversary serving North Georgia. Don Kerns started out in 1959 with a service station and one homemade tow truck.  Three years later, he moved to his present location at Don Kerns Wrecker Service in Gainesville, Ga. He now has ten trucks ranging from light to heavy duty, including roll-backs, wreckers, and a landall for transport service for Gainesvile and surrounding areas. 
    But, Don has not done it all alone. His Family has been by his side helping with many facets of the business every step of the way. Don's son Chip began shadowing Don since he was in diapers. The two worked together for many years before Chip was killed in a motorcycle accident in 2002. Now, Don's daughter Kathy, who they all call Kat, also began with her dad before she started school. Now she works the phones, books, and dispatching. Kathy's son and Don's Grandson Joey became interested while he was in school as well. Now he drives many of the trucks. 
    To celebrate his recent milestone of 50 years, Don's families and employees surprised him with a commemorative plaque to mark his accomplishments.

Thank you for everyones support to us throughout our now 53rd year in business!

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